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Whether you're looking for an out-of-print, used book or for a
brand-new title, the World Wide Web can help!  Many books are
available online (especially those that are old enough that
the copyright has expired, such as works that were originally
published in the 19th century or earlier).  If, however, you
prefer good, old-fashioned offline versions (many of us do:
we have over 10,000 such books in our home!), the Web often
can help you find even hard-to-find books at great prices.

The purpose of this article is to suggest some Web sites that
you may want to check out.  Some of them deal specifically
with Christian books, while other sites deal with books in
general.  Of the Christian sites, some are specifically
Reformed in perspective, while others are more broadly

The sites are simply sample suggestions:  I make no pretense
as to the list's being complete or comprehensive.  If you have
other sites to suggest that are not on my list, please send me
an email at cati@traver.org.  Thanks!

Important:  the sites below are suggested sites and are not
necessarily recommended sites.  Some I have used extensively;
some I have not.  In general, most are "worth a look," but
it's up to you to decide whether they're worth a second look.
(In fact, my brief comments for each may help you decide
whether you want to take the time for even a first look.)
My purpose is to present a list of sites that may be helpful
to readers of CATI who also regularly read books (which I
think includes most or all CATI readers).


"Amazon.com opened its virtual doors in July 1995 with a
mission to use the Internet to transform book buying into
the fastest, easiest, and most enjoyable shopping experience
possible. While our customer base and product offerings have
grown considerably since our early days, we still maintain our
founding commitment to customer satisfaction and the delivery
of an educational and inspiring shopping experience.... We're
very proud that 20 million people in more than 160 countries
have made us the leading online shopping site."  You can get
there by using the www.amazon.com address, but if you use the
following address and decide to purchase a book, I may get a
small commission (although it hasn't happened yet):

Barnes & Noble
One of the top three online general bookstores (the other two
are Amazon.com and Borders).

One of the top three online general bookstores (the other two
are Amazon.com and Barnes & Noble).

SOME GENERAL BOOKSELLERS (mostly out-of-print or used books)

This site claims to be "the best seller in bargain books."
Most of the titles they carry are "remaindered" or overstock
titles, but if you like books, this is a nice place to shop.
I've taken advantage of some of their $2.99 "super bargain"
computer books and not been disappointed, but they carry books
of all kinds.  You can browse by category, by author, or by
publisher.  Among the many publishers represented are not only
secular publishers, but also religious publishers, such as
Bethany House, Campus Crusade for Christ, Eerdmans, Fleming H.
Revell Company, Focus on the Family Publishing, Moody Press,
Thomas Nelson, Tyndale House Publishers, Word Books, Youth
Specialties, and Zondervan.  Caution: many of these books are
not only out-of-print, but they deserve to be!  Also, some
books are "closeouts" because a later, updated edition has
been published.  If, however, you know what you're doing,
you can "find [some] quality titles for 50-90% OFF the list

Bunches of Books
"At Bunches of Books you can find all kinds of used books. We
specialize in used college textbooks, but we also have a large
selection of other used books at low prices including fiction
books, cook books, self help, gardening, arts and craft books,
picture books, religious books, computer books, modern
literature, biography, science fiction books, mystery, poetry,
music books and more! With over 40,000 different titles in our
warehouse you can be sure to find the books you need and at
prices that are some of the lowest around."

"Yahoo! Internet Life magazine tested more than 100 e-tailers
for its 2000 Holiday Shopping Guide  and, hey, guess who won
the award for Best Book Site? 'For book browsing and buying,'
Yahoo! writes, 'we'll stick with Powell's, which combines
convenience and customer care with a passion for the written


Of these sites, the one I regularly use the most is Advanced
Book Exchange.

Advanced Book Exchange, Inc. (abebooks.com)
"abebooks.com is the world's largest network of independent
booksellers; our extended family currently includes well over
7000 used and antiquarian booksellers. With an inventory of
over 23 million books, the Advanced Book Exchange truly has
more used, rare and antiquarian books than anywhere else....
The Advance Book Exchange uses the Internet to bring together
buyers and sellers of used, out-of-print, rare and antiquarian
books. We've placed the combined inventory of our member
booksellers into one database, which anyone in the world can
browse or search. abebooks.com's role is to bring the buyer
and seller together."  I myself have personally found this
site to be quite helpful on occasion in locating hard-to-find,
out-of-print books.

"More than 20 million used and rare books, periodicals and
ephemera offered for sale by thousands of booksellers around
the world make this the most interesting book-selling site on
the Web."

"The ultimate resource for book shoppers! Over 20 million new,
used, rare, and out of print books at your fingertips...."
"BookFinder.com is a one-stop search site that lets users view
the collections of over 20,000 [?] sellers of new, used, rare,
and out-of-print books."

"A used book search engine for secondhand, rare and out of
print books. Search, browse and buy online from thousands of
bookstores worldwide. We do not sell used books but provide a
unique ONE HIT search facility to enable you to go straight to
those sites that do have your secondhand book for sale."


In spite of some of the names (such as AllBookStores.com and
EveryBookstore.com), these sites do not compare prices at
"all bookstores" or "every bookstore," but at a limited
number of sites.  You may be better off comparing prices
through abebooks.com.

AddALL.com (41 bookstores compared)
AddALL.com "searches among the following online bookstores to
find you the book you want at a price you'll love: new--1000's
of Discount Books, 1Bookstreet, A1Books, Alphabet Street,
Alphacraze, Amazon, Amazon.co.uk, Amazon.de, Amazon.fr,
Barnes & Noble.com, Blackwell.co.uk, BOL.de, BOL.co.uk,
Books A Million, BookBuyers Outlet, BookCloseOuts, Bookpool,
Borders, Brian's Books, Chapters.ca, Classbook, Cody's Books,
CountryBookstore, ecampus.com, Fatbrain.com, Half.com,
Hamiltonbook.com, Indigo, Proxis.com, Powells, WHSmith online
bookshop.co.uk, Textbooksatcost, Textbooksource.net,
TotalCampus.com. and VarsityBooks.com; used--Abebooks,
Alibris, Antiqbook, Bibliofind, Biblion, BookCloseOuts,
JustBooks, and Powells.

AllBookStores.com (32 bookstores compared)
At AllBookStores.com you can "compare dozens of online book
stores to find the lowest price."  Here are the specific
online bookstores that they check:  1Bookstreet, A1Books,
Alibris, AllBooks4less, AlphaCraze, Amazon.com, Audio
Book Club, Barnes & Noble, BookCloseOuts, BookPool,
Books-A-Million, Books for Cooks, Borders, buy.com,
Chapters.ca, ChristianBook.com, ChristianSuperStore,
ClassBook.com, ElephantBooks.com, FatBrain, GoGoCity.com,
Half.com, Indigo.ca, Page One, Powell's Books,
RecordedBooks.com, Scholar's Bookshelf, textbooksatcost.com,
TextbookSource, Total Campus, VarsityBooks.com, and

Best Book Buys (23 bookstores compared)
At Best Book Buys, you can "search dozens of bookstores
to find the lowest price."  Here are the specific online
bookstores that they check:  1BookStreet, A1Books,
allbooks4less, Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble, BookCloseOuts,
BookPool, BooksAMillion, Borders, buy.com, ChristianBook.com,
Classbook.com, Discount-PCBooks.com, eCampus, FatBrain,
half.com, HamiltonBook, Page One, Powell's Books,
Readme.doc, textbooksatcost.com, TextbookSource.net,
and VarsityBooks.com.

EveryBookstore.com (39 bookstores compared)
EveryBookstore.com offers "fast and easy comparison shopping
at more than 30 online bookstores," comparing prices at the
following: 1000's of Discount Books, 1BookStreet, A1Books,
Alibris, AllBooks4Less, AlphaCraze, Amazon.com, Audio Book
Club, Barnes and Noble, Big Words, BookCloseOuts, BookPool,
Books-A-Million, Books for Cooks, Books Now, Borders,
buy.com, Chapters.ca, Cheapy Books, ChristianBook.com,
ChristianSuperStore, Classbook.com, ElephantBooks.com,
Fatbrain, GoGoCity, Half.com, HamiltonBook, Indigo.ca, Page
One, Powell's, Recorded Books, Inc., SeekBooks, The Scholars
Bookshelf, textbooksatcost.com, TextbookSource.net, Total
Campus, Varsity Books, VCSS, and WordsWorth).


As usual, you should exercise Christian discretion and
discernment in your choice of what to read.

Alex Catalogue of Electronic Texts
"The Alex Catalogue of Electronic Texts is a collection of
public domain documents from American and English literature
as well as Western philosophy."

Bartleby.com claims to be "the preeminent Internet publisher
of literature, reference and verse providing students,
researchers and the intellectually curious with unlimited
access to books and information on the web, free of charge."

"Bibliomania is the leading online literature library with
hundreds of searchable full text classics: a superb
educational resource. Visit the Read section for the best in
classic fiction, drama, poetry and short stories each
prefaced with author biographies, book summaries and links
to Bibliomania recommended literary web sites.... The Study
section has study guides on the most commonly studied texts
and teacher resources with examples of how to use Bibliomania
in the classroom and links to the best teacher focused web
sites. Our Research section has an extensive collection of
dictionaries, reference books, religious texts, biographies
and important non-fiction books."

BUBL LINK: Book and Text Collections
Here you will find 74 links (with annotated notes at the right
side of the page) to online "book and text collections." Some
of the sites are quite useful, others less so.

Free Library of Classics
"The Free Library of Classics provides free on-line books,
etexts; over 200 of the world's most famous novels, plays,
short stories, poems and historical documents in their
entirety for your reading pleasure and edification."

Internet Public Library: Online Texts Collection
"The Internet is a mess. Since nobody runs it, that's no
surprise. There are a lot of interesting, worthwhile, and
valuable things out there--and a lot that are a complete
waste of time. Over the last few hundred years, librarians
have become skilled at finding the good stuff, organizing it,
and making it easier for people to find and use.... The
Internet Public Library is the first public library of the
Internet." "The IPL Online Texts Collection contains over
14,000 titles that can be browsed by author, by title, or by
Dewey Decimal Classification. They can also be searched...."

On-Line Books Page
"The On-Line Books Page is a directory of books that can be
freely read right on the Internet. It includes a index of
thousands of on-line books on the Internet, pointers to
significant directories and archives of on-line texts,
special exhibits, ... and more! The On-Line Books Page was
founded in 1993 by John Mark Ockerbloom at Carnegie Mellon
University. He is now...at the University of Pennsylvania
[and] remains the editor of the pages...."

Project Gutenberg
"There are three portions of the Project Gutenberg Library...
Light Literature; such as Alice in Wonderland, Through
the Looking-Glass, Peter Pan, Aesop's Fables, etc.; Heavy
Literature; such as the Bible or other religious documents,
Shakespeare, Moby Dick, Paradise Lost, etc.; References;
such as Roget's Thesaurus, almanacs, and a set of
encyclopedia, dictionaries, etc." "We cannot publish any
texts still in copyright. You will find the classic books
from the start of this century and previous centuries, [such
as] well-loved favorites like the Sherlock Holmes stories by
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle [and] the Tarzan and Mars books of
Edgar Rice Burroughs, and thousands of others."

SOME CHRISTIAN BOOKSELLERS (mostly new books, some used)

Christian Book Distributors (CBD; Christianbook.com)
"Christianbook.com is the online home of Christian Book
Distributors, the world's largest distributor of Christian
products. After being in business for over 20 years and
operating exclusively as a catalog order company, Christian
Book Distributors has now built this fast and efficient Web
site to allow customers to order directly from their home
PCs.... At Christianbook.com, low prices and quality
merchandise go hand in hand.... [and] we're confident you'll
discover that we have the best prices and selection of
Christian products available anywhere on the World Wide Web."
Caution: CBD carries many titles that are theologically
questionable (but many good titles as well). Now that Great
Christian Books (GCB) is out of business, my main mail-order
source for general Christian books is probably Christian Book
Distributors. They frequently have the best prices.

Cumberland Valley Bible Book Service
"At CVBBS we make Christian books and Bibles available at
discount prices. We specialize in supplying Reformed books
and Puritan books at prices that make them affordable to
everyone.  Use this web site and search engine to browse the
thousands of titles that are available.  Browse the newest
releases, check out our current featured specials, or search
the current catalog for a specific title or author...."  The
Web site offers weekly Internet specials as well as other
specials (for example, at this time they are offering the
complete works of Jonathan Edwards in two volumes for $56.99
and John Calvin's Commentary on the Bible in 22 volumes for

Evangelical Bookshop (Belfast, Ireland)
"The Evangelical Bookshop has as its mission to bring glory
to God by the promotion of the Evangelical and Reformed Faith
by circulating as many Bibles and Christ-honouring books as
possible within an organised structure. The shop offers Bible
versions that accurately reflect the original text, the entire
lists of consistently Evangelical publishers, hundreds of
titles from Baker Book House (USA), other Orthodox titles
selected from the lists of major UK publishers, selections
from publishers in the United States to fulfill needs not met
in Britain, Puritan reprints from Soli Deo Gloria Publications
at discounted prices, select second-hand books, computer
software, Bible reading notes and Sunday School teaching
aids, and special purchases and remainders offered at bargain

Grace Books International
Claiming to be "the world's best Christian bookstore," Grace
Books International is a ministry of Grace Community Church,
Panorama City, California, a church that is pastored by John
F. MacArthur, whose books are featured at the site. GBI offers
three ways of getting help: "The easiest is via email. For
general help, email service@gbibooks.com.... If you would like
to interact live with a customer service representative over
the internet during standard business hours (M-F 9am to 5pm),
you can contact them via America Online Instant Messenger (AIM)
(screenname: gbibookCSR)... Finally, there is the good old
fashioned way -- voice. To speak with a customer service
representative, you can call 1.800.GRACE15."

Kregel Christian Books & Resources: Used Books
"As of January 1, 2001, a total of 151,096 titles of the over
200,000 books available from Kregel Used Books are listed
in the on-line electronic catalog of used religious and
out-of-print books. Books continue to turn over daily with
approximately 2,000 volumes added monthly to the expanding

Presbyterian Church in America: Christian Education and
    Publications: Bookstore
"All prices are at least 20% off suggested retail.,,, You can
browse the inventory by clicking a particular category or you
can search by entering a portion of the title, author or
publisher. Never hesitate to call our staff at 1-800-283-1357.
They are available 8am - 4pm EST Monday through Friday."

Reformation Heritage Books, Inc.
"Welcome to Reformation Heritage Books! Our entire selection
of new books is available on-line at deeply discounted prices
.... Download our complete new and used book catalogues to
browse off-line."

Reformed Book Sales, Inc.
"Welcome to Reformed Book Sales, Inc. We sell great Christian
books. To protect our future, all voting shareholders are
bound by oath to uphold the Westminster Confession of Faith."
"Ok, we admit it. We're not the first bookstore on the World
Wide Web. But hey, neither was amazon.com! We're not the
first, but we're different because we are passionately
committed to our products and the worldview they portray....
If you agree with our perspective, we believe that we can
better serve you than a general bookstore like amazon.com or
even Christian Book Distributors. And, by the way, we beat
Amazon.com's shipping and book prices!"

Reformed Theological Seminary Bookstore
Here's how the site's home page describes the bookstore:
"the RTS Christian Bookstore where there are discount prices
on Christian books with service you can trust.... a discount
Christian bookstore with over 7,000 different titles. Search
for specific Christian titles or browse the bookstore by using
our Best of Category department to find the best discount
Christian books fast! Check out our Best Sellers and our deep
discount Sale Specials."

Still Waters Revival Books
"Geneva Bibles, rare Reformation, classic Covenanter and
Calvinistic books, and other Puritan and Presbyterian
Resources [such as "Family and Children's Books, Geneva
Bibles, English Hexaplas, Scottish Psalters, [and]
Commentaries"] at great discounts (and [some] free) by mail
and the WWW!... Serving Christians worldwide (in over 80
countries) for 16+ years."  You can sign up to be on their
email list to receive news about "Email Super Specials"
(you can also look at the "super special sales" information

Trinity Book Service
"We are committed, as a matter of conscience, to the highest
standards of truth and accuracy in the books we carry.... In
seeking to carry out this purpose, by the grace and help of
God, the following four principles direct our operation,
priorities and long-range direction: [1] The Word of God
Written shall have the foremost place of importance in our
distribution efforts. [2] We will strive to introduce solid,
biblical literature wherever the Lord gives us opportunity,
that men and women may be converted from the darkness of sin;
that young ...Christians may be nurtured in the faith....
[3] Literature will be promoted which seeks to refute
doctrinal and practical error in our day.... [4] We will seek
to preserve the heritage of Christian writings which Christ
has given to His church through past generations as these are
reflected in the works of the Reformers, Puritans and others
of the Reformed faith." Trinity Book Service has earned Yahoo!
Shopping's 5 Star Service Distinction.  TBS is a ministry of
Trinity Baptist Church, Montclair, New Jersey.

Westminster Theological Seminary Bookstore
"The Westminster Campus Bookstore...carries a complete line of
books relating to theology, church history, apologetics, New
Testament studies, Old Testament studies, commentaries,
counseling, hermeneutics, Greek, Hebrew, practical theology,
church planting and development, preaching, missions,
evangelism, biography, marriage and family, and the Christian
life [as well as] Biblical and academic computer software....
We will gladly ship your order to any location in the world
.... We offer discounts ranging from 20% - 60% on most of our
titles."  This is the Web site for the bookstore on campus at
Westminster Theological Seminary, Philadelphia.

For used books, also check out Baker Book House (mentioned


Baker Book House
"Baker Book House Company is a leading evangelical publisher
offering more than 200 releases per year in its six separate
divisions."  Those six divisions are Baker Books, Fleming H.
Revell, Chosen Books, Baker Academic, Baker Bytes, and Brazos
Press. "The mission of Baker Book House is to publish writings
that promote historic Christianity, irenically express the
concerns of evangelicalism, and reflect the diversity of this
movement."  In addition to new books, you can also get used
or out-of-print books (if you want, you can sign up for their
Used Books email mailing list).

Banner of Truth Trust
"The Banner of Truth Trust originated in 1957 in London.
The founders believed that much of the best literature of
historic Christianity had been allowed to fall into oblivion
and that its recovery under God could well lead not only to
a strengthening of the Church today but to true revival."  The
emphasis is upon "literature...particularly of the Reformation
and Puritan eras."    "Since its inception the Banner of Truth
has also sought to balance its publishing programme with the
writings of a number of contemporary authors...[and] also
seeks to balance its publishing programme by maintaining in
its list different forms of literature - commentaries,
biographies, missionary titles, sermons, etc."  Banner of
Truth adheres to the authority of the Westminster Confession
of Faith.

Crown & Covenant Publications
"Crown & Covenant Publications (C & C Publications) is a
non-profit organization specializing in publications that
promote, encourage, and defend the Reformed faith and the
testimony of the Reformed Presbyterian Church of North
America. C & C Publications is best known for a unique and
comprehensive selection of Psalm-singing materials."

Great Commission Publications (GCP)
"GCP is a ministry of two denominations: the Presbyterian
Church in America and the Orthodox Presbyterian Church....
GCP's mission is to produce resources for the church's work of
discipling and nurturing.... GCP's place among Christian
educational publishers is that we operate from a Reformed
perspective and seek to reflect the distinctive doctrines of
grace. We stand fast on the Scriptures as the 'only infallible
rule of faith and practice.' Our theology is based on the
Westminster Confession of Faith and Catechisms. Consistent
with the missionary vision of its parent churches, GCP is
seeking to serve the church-at-large with solidly, biblical
and Reformed publications."

NavPress (U.S. Navigators)
"Biblically rooted and culturally relevant is how our books
are best described. Our books are guaranteed to challenge and
stimulate your personal growth and impact your ministry -- or
your money back."  NavPress offers Bible studies, Bibles,
books, and magazines.

P & R Publishing
"P&R Publishing company is dedicated to publishing excellent
books that promote biblical understanding and godly living
as summarized in The Westminster Confession of Faith and
Catechisms. Titles on our list range from academic works
advancing biblical and theological scholarship to popular
books designed to help lay readers grow in Christian thought
and service. Our mission is to serve Christ and his church by
producing clear, engaging, fresh, and insightful applications
of Reformed theology to life.  The subject areas that are
currently in our catalog include Christian Living, Counseling,
Theology, Apologetics, Study Aids, Christian Issues and
Ethics, Resources for Churches, Resources for Youth, and
Resources for Women. Founded in 1930 by Samuel G. Craig and
J. Gresham Machen, P & R has approximately 185 titles in

Soli Deo Gloria Ministries
"The mission of Soli Deo Gloria is to provide 'instruction in
righteousness' to the Church through the reprinting of classic
Christian literature. To that end, the focus of our publishing
is the writings and sermons of the 17th and 18th century
English and American Puritans." "Since we began publishing
the Puritans in late 1988, we have printed over 200 titles

Zondervan Publishing House
"As an international Christian communications company, we are
dedicated to meeting the needs of people with resources that
glorify Jesus Christ and promote biblical principles. At
Zondervan, these award winning resources take on several forms
- Bibles, books, audio books, videos, CD-ROM, and inspirational
gifts."  You can "Browse our Master Catalog of Books and other
products in alphabetical order by title" or search the site by
title, author, or subject.


Christian Classics Ethereal Library
"The CCEL is a library intended to serve the whole church.
Just as at a traditional library, here you will find works
from a variety of viewpoints and traditions.... The director
of the CCEL is Harry Plantinga,...a professor of computer
science at Calvin College."  Here you can view or download
books by many authors, including Augustine, Richard Baxter,
Horatius Bonar, Thomas Boston, John Bunyan, John Calvin,
Oswald Chambers, Stephen Charnock, G.K. Chesterton, William
Cowper, Daniel Defoe, John Donne, Fyodor Dostoevski, Jonathan
Edwards, John Flavel, John Foxe, Matthew Henry, Abraham
Kuyper, Martin Luther, J. Gresham Machen, John Milton, John
Newton, A.W. Pink, Samuel Rutherford, J.C. Ryle, Dorothy L.
Sayers, Charles Haddon Spurgeon, Zacharias Ursinus, Thomas
Watson, George Whitefield, Alexander Whyte, and more.  "All
of the books on this server are believed to be in the public
domain in the United States unless otherwise specified. Copy
them freely for any purpose."

Fire and Ice: Puritan and Reformed Writings
Among the authors whose writings you can view online or
download are Richard Baxter, Thomas Boston, Thomas Brooks,
John Calvin, Stephen Charnock, Jonathan Edwards, John Flavel,
Thomas Goodwin, William Gurnall, A.A. Hodge, Charles Hodge,
Thomas Manton, Cotton Mather, John Newton, John Owen, Samuel
Rutherford, Richard Sibbes, Charles Spurgeon, and Thomas

Guide to Christian Literature on the Internet
"This document contains pointers to internet accessible
literature related to Classical Christianity (a term coined by
C.S. Lewis to describe a theology which affirms the importance
of a transforming faith in Christ as God and Savior).
Literature referenced is viewable online (i.e. in both ascii
[standard text] and html [Web page] format)."  Here are some
of the authors represented: Augustine, Thomas Brooks, John
Bunyan, John Calvin, G.K. Chesterton, John Donne, Jonathan
Edwards, John Flavel, John Foxe, William Guthrie, Martin
Luther, John Owen, Samuel Rutherford, Robert Shaw, C.H.
Spurgeon, A.W. Tozer, and Thomas Watson.  Here you will also
find links to many Bibles and Bible study aids, including
the 1599 Geneva Study Bible (the Geneva Bible preceded the
King James Bible; the study notes are Reformed in viewpoint)
and many non-English translations of the Bible (e.g., French,
German, Italian, Korean, Latin, Russian, and Spanish).  Note:
this site contains "pointers" or links; the actual documents
are on other sites.

Hall of Church History (Phil Johnson)
Here you will find lots of links to significant sites where
you can read "Theology from a Bunch of Dead Guys," from the
early church to the twentieth century.  The major categories
are as follows: The Church Fathers, The Medieval Churchmen,
The Heretics, The Eastern Orthodox, The Catholics, The
Reformers, The Puritans, The Anabaptists, The Arminians, The
Cultists, The Unorthodox, The Baptists, and The Recent

I.C.E. Free Books
"This site allows you to read or print out over 38,000 pages
of information.... You can...access 90 books by category,
title, author, or year...."  Authors include modern authors
Greg Bahnsen, David Chilton, Gary DeMar, George Grant, Kenneth
L. Gentry, Jr., James B. Jordan, C. Gregg Singer, Ray Sutton,
and Robert L. Thoburn.  Caution:  many of these books are
written from a "theonomic" and/or postmillennial perspective
and may thus present a viewpoint that is loved by some and
hated by others.  Other books (such as the books by George
Grant) may be of more general interest to Christians of
different backgrounds.  (See, for example, his Third Time
Around: A History of the Pro-Life Movement; Killer Angel: A
Biography of Planned Parenthood's Founder Margaret Sanger;
and Grand Illusions: The Legacy of Planned Parenthood.)

Legacy: Reformed & Puritan Christian Literature
"There are a number of Internet Christian Library collections
with a wide range of useful material. This is a bookmark page
focused on Reformed & Puritan WWW Internet Literature.... This
list is extensive, but it will not be exhaustive."  Authors
whose works you can view online or download include Richard
Baxter, Loraine Boettner, Horatius Bonar, Thomas Boston,
Thomas Brooks, John Brown, John Bunyan, John Calvin, Stephen
Charnock, Robert L. Dabney, Jonathan Edwards, William Gurnall,
Matthew Henry, A.A. Hodge, Charles Hodge, John Knox, Abraham
Kuyper, Martin Luther, J. Gresham Machen, Cotton Mather, R.M.
M'Cheyne, John Murray, John Newton, John Owen, A.W. Pink,
Samuel Rutherford, J.C. Ryle, C.H. Spurgeon, James Henley
Thornwell, Francis Turretin, Cornelius Van Til, B.B. Warfield,
Thomas Watson, George Whitefield, and Alexander Whyte.

Rose Tree Press
"Welcome to the Web site of the Rose Tree Press, publisher of
fine Christian literature and educational materials. Our
electronic books are Logos Library System-compatible.... You
can...download the complete Logos Library System Reader free
from the Logos Web site at www.logos.com.... [Some] New
Publications [are] Christianity and Liberalism by J. Gresham
Machen, New Testament Greek for Beginners by J. Gresham
Machen, The Origin of Paul's Religion by J. Gresham Machen,
A Rapid Survey of the Literature and History of New Testament
Times...by J. Gresham Machen [both the Student's Text Book and
the Teacher's Manual], [and] What is Faith? by J. Gresham


A sometimes useful but often irritating site which claims to
be "the largest organized book content on the Web."  Here are
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E4 Group
You can get 20 books on CD-ROM for free (except for a shipping
and handling charge of $7.95) from the E4 Group (the "E4" is a
reference to Ephesians 4:11-14).  Here is what is included:
The King James Version Bible; The Westminster Confession of
Faith and Catechisms; Wilhelmus a Brakel, The Christian's
Reasonable Service (vols. 1 and 2); Richard Baxter, The
Reformed Pastor; R.L. Dabney, Systematic Theology; Jonathan
Edwards; Jonathan Edwards on Revival; William Guthrie, Your
Salvation; Robert Haldane, Commentary on Romans; A.A. Hodge,
The (Westminster) Confession of Faith and Outlines of
Theology; Charles Hodge, Commentary on Ephesians and Sermon
Sermon Outlines; R.M. M'Cheyne, Memoirs and Remains of R.M.
M'Cheyne; John Owen, The Glory of the Trinity; J.C. Ryle,
Holiness; George Smeaton, Paul's Doctrine of the Atonement;
C.H. Spurgeon, All of Grace and A Collection of Sermons;
Thomas Vincent, A Family Instructional Guide; and Thomas
Witherow, The Apostolic Church, Which Is It?



You can have your own free Web site.  So can your church!
See, for example, this article in a previous issue of CATI:


But having your own individual or church Web site involves
building Web pages to put on that site.

You don't need to know HTML (HyperText Markup Language) in
order to build your own Web pages (there are software programs
available which enable you to build Web pages without knowing
any HTML), but it helps, and basic HTML is not difficult to
learn.  The purpose of this article is to provide a basic
introduction to HTML.

HTML isn't really a programming language (like C++ or Visual
Basic, for instance):  it's really simply a "markup" language.
You start with the text you want to display on your Web page.
HTML is what you use to "mark up" your text with comments to
tell Web browsers how you would like them to handle your text
(e.g., make certain lines bigger, have a background of a certain
color, etc.).  That's the reason HTML is called a "Markup"
Language" (hence the "ML" in "HTML").

Well, that takes care of the "ML" in "HTML," but what about
the "HT"?  Well, the most important thing about your Web page
is your text.  The prefix "hyper" means "above" or "beyond,"
and the added HTML comments for the Web browser go beyond your
text (thus the expression "HyperText").  So you now know why
it's called "HTML" or "HyperText Markup Language."

So how does the Web browser know which parts of your document
are your original text to display on the screen and which
parts of your document are the extra instructions for the Web
browser?  Simple:  you put the "markup" instructions for the
Web browser in brackets.  They're special brackets, however,
for you enclose the extra comments for the browser between
"<" and ">" (rather than, say, "[" and "]").

Again, you start with your original text.  Then you "mark up"
your text with added "hyper text," using a special "language"
to add comments for your browser, most of which are related to
how you want your Web page to appear.  (One thing you can use
HTML for is to include "hyperlinks" or "links" to other Web
pages, but that's a possible topic for another article.  For
this one, we're sticking to the basics.)

Most elements in HTML come in pairs:  one starts something,
and the other finishes it.  For example, suppose you want a
word in your text to appear in bold print.  You have to
mark up your text to tell the Web browser when to turn on
bold and when to turn it off.  In HTML, "<B>" turns on bold
and "</B>" turns it off.  (Notice that the only difference
between these two Web browser instructions -- usually called
"tags" -- is that the second one includes a "/" or forward
slash. That is true of other such HTML pairs as well.  The
"/" means "turn it off" or "this is the end of that section.")

Thus "<B>" turns on bold, "</B>" turns off bold, "<I>" turns
on italics, "</I>" turns off italics, "<BIG>" turns on big
print, "</BIG>" turns off big print, and so on.  In this
article, I will not go into such HTML "tags" in detail, but
instead restrict my comments to the basic structure of a
Web page.

First, "<HTML>" is put at the beginning of the document to
indicate that it is an HTML document.  (By the way, although
many prefer to use capital letters for HTML markup tags,
lower case will also work.)  What should be placed at the
end of the document?  You figured it out:  "</HTML>" (with
a forward slash or "/").

An HTML document is divided into two sections:  the "body"
(which has to do with what is displayed on the Web page)
and the "head" (which has additional information but does
not affect the display other than providing a title to be
placed in the Web browser's title bar).  The "head" comes
before the "body."  Indentation is not required, but many
people find it helpful to line up certain matching HTML
tags.  Here, for example, is a sample HTML document using

       My Home Page
    <BIG>Welcome to my <B>exciting</B> Web site!</BIG>

This is how almost all Web pages are set up, except that you
will see a lot more in the "head" and "body" sections.  Note
the matching pairs:  The entire sentence -- "Welcome to my
exciting Web site!" -- will appear in big print, but only the
word "exciting" will appear in bold type.  That is what will
display on the Web page itself, while "My Home Page" will
appear in the title bar of the Web browser.

If you write a Web page, you should save it as a plain text
file.  For this reason, many people prefer to use an ordinary
text editor (such as Microsoft Notepad) rather than a word
processor.  If you use a word processor (such as Microsoft
Word), you need to be sure to save the document as a plain
text document (sometimes called an ASCII file).

Even though you save the file as a text document, the filename
should not have a file extension of .txt, but rather a file
extension of ".html" or ".htm" (if you're only allowed three
letters for a filename extension).  For example, the preceding
sample document could be given the filename of "homepage.html"
or "homepage.htm" (again, you'll have to use the latter if you
are only allowed three letters for a filename extension).

There's lots more that can be said, but I think I've provided
a very basic introduction to Web page building with HTML as
I promised.  If there is interest, I may publish some future
articles on this topic, because the Internet is where it's
happening today, and Christians need to establish a presence
on the World Wide Web if they are to "go into all the world"
(Mark 16:!5) to be Christ's witnesses!


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